World Cup Winners puzzle, after 2014 final

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil has just ended. To celebrate, a simple puzzle relating to the eight winners of this prestigious world sporting event.

There is no rubric, I just hand it out to the students and let them get on with it; they soon figure out what to do.

For elementary / pre-intermediate students, about 15 minutes.

World Cup Winners puzzle updated: click here for free downloadable pdf sheets, including answer key.

Please find a snapshot of this puzzle below.

World Cup Winners puzzle updated


European Champions League puzzle, updated after 2014 final

The 2014 UEFA Champions League Cup was won for an incredible 10th time by Real Madrid in a scintillating final in Lisbon, Portugal against fellow Madrid club Athletico Madrid. This Champions League puzzle has been amended to reflect Real’s 10th victory in the competition.

Champions League puzzle after 2014 final click here for free downloadable pdf sheets including answer key.

Please find a snapshot of part of this puzzle below.

Champions League puzzle snapshot

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Periodic Table puzzle

The Periodic Table of chemical elements is perhaps not the most likely subject for an English puzzle. It is a little complicated, and so is this puzzle, which will eventually reveal the names of some common compounds in everyday use. (NB some of these compounds are more complex than this puzzle suggests, chemistry is not simple).

Periodic Table puzzle, page 1 pdf sheet

Periodic Table puzzle, page 2, and answer key pdf sheets

For intermediate – advanced students, taking about 30 minutes

There are two pages for this puzzle, which should be handed out together. I feel this is a puzzle suited to student collaboration in pairs or threesomes. As with most of my puzzles I rarely give much instruction or rubric to students, I just let then get on with it.

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Transport puzzle

After a few months away from this site (not hibernation, just writing elsewhere) normal service will now be resumed.

To ease myself back into the swing of things a simple, straightforward puzzle based on the use of the prepositions by and on with modes of transport.

Transport puzzle click here for free downloadable pdf sheets including answer key.

Elementary – pre-intermediate level, taking about 10 minutes.

I find that the students need no instruction; I just pass them the handout and let them get on with it.

Top Eight Names puzzle

You can look at a hundred lists of the most popular given names and none of them will be remotely similar. However I have attempted to compile together a list of the top eight names of the twentieth century, and I must stress that these are the top eight English names (although exactly what is an English name is open to wide interpretation!). Nevertheless while trying to avoid controversy here goes.

The procedure is simple. I merely hand out the sheets and let the students get on with it.

Pre-intermediate – intermediate level, taking about 20/30 minutes.

Top 8 names puzzle click here for free downloadable pdf sheets including answer key.

Please find a snapshot of this puzzle below.

Top 8 names puzzle 3

Weather puzzle

After about a month of digital detox I am back in front of the screen.

A straightforward puzzle, based on weather conditions, with a nice bit of extra information that is revealed once the puzzle is complete.

There is no rubric for this puzzle, I think the vast majority of students will be able to deduce what they need to do, and will just want to get on with it.

Elementary – Intermediate level, lasting about 15/25 minutes.

Weather puzzle answer key click here for free downloadable answer key.

Please find this puzzle below.

Puzzle weather snapshot

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